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Info for WRRC Judges and personnel


Welcome to Let’s Dance Helsinki -festival!

Let’s Dance Helsinki is a festival for passionate dance lovers. On August 24–25, Messukeskus Helsinki will be full of dance! Best dancers from dozens of dance styles take the stages. There will be dazzling performances, thrilling competitions and an unbelievable number of free workshops – all with an infectious sensation of joy and love for dance.

WRRC World Cup

We will have the WRRC World Cup competition as a part of Let’s Dance Helsinki festival. It’s wonderful to have You as a part of this event judging and working in the competition. A great big thank you for your interest!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s Dance Helsinki -festival artistic director
Tiina Aalto

Pirjo Koivula
Outi Paavola
Michele Planque
Hans Kreiter
Gergely Nagy
Yulia Lutsenko
Aina Nygard
Sergey Sysoev
David Borg
Daniele Enz

Jean Francois Dekhil
Oleg Kustov

Marina Eskolin

Boštjan Marinko
Krešimir Bosnar

The schedule will be posted here soon.
All personnel must be present at the competition venue on August 25 at 09.00.Transportation from the hotel has been arranged and it leaves from the hotel at 08.45.

Hall 6 map

Hall 2 and 3 map


Face Book 



Your contact person during the festival is Hanna Vammeljoki.
Hanna will be your guide and will help you with all practical issues.

Hanna Vammeljoki
Phone number will be here before event.




The Crowne Plaza Helsinki offers the discerning business and leisure traveller first-class facilities and personalised service. Great location virtually opposite the Finnish National Opera – easy access to City Centre and Helsinki Airport – as well as the customer-oriented solutions will guarantee guests’ comfort.

The hotel rooms have been booked with each person’s name and they have been paid in advance.








The other fees and expense compensations will be paid after event.


Information on food services for the WRRC competition personnel will be updated here at a later date.


1st round slow BW Main
1st round BW Seniors
1st round BW Juniors
1st round fast BW Main
1st round RR Main

Runner ́s up BW Juniors
Runner ́s up BW Seniors
Runner ́s up BW Main

Runner ́s up RR Main

15:00 Opening of finals
Semifinal BW Juniors
Semifinal BW Seniors
Semifinal BW Main
Semi final RR Main


Final BW Seniors – Slow
Final BW Main – Slow

Final RR Main – foot techiq

Final BW Juniors
Winner ́s seremony BW Juniors

Final BW Seniors – Fast
Winner ́s seremony BW Seniors

Final RR Main – acrobatics
Winner ́s seremony RR Main

Final BW Main – fast
Winner ́s seremony BW Main

World Cup Helsinki, competitors


Start nr   WRRC ID   Name   Category Country
10  70486  MANNER Kimi – NOUSIAINEN Nea  Boogie Woogie Juniors  FIN
11  69990  MICHEL Tom – MATARAZZO Carla  Boogie Woogie Juniors  FRA
12  70423  SIEGL Paul – GÖTZNER Nicola  Boogie Woogie Juniors  GER
13  70871  GRAßL Anton – SCHMID Magdalena  Boogie Woogie Juniors  GER
14  68957  ANELLI Dario – MANZATO Carlotta  Boogie Woogie Juniors  ITA
15  68956  ZILOCCHI Luca – CORSI Carlotta  Boogie Woogie Juniors  ITA
16  70577  KLIMOV Fedor – LEONTEVA Diana  Boogie Woogie Juniors  RUS
17  71142  VINOGRADOV Matvey – FEDOTOVA Sofia  Boogie Woogie Juniors  RUS
18  71145  BATISTA Antonio – MIKAEL Naomi  Boogie Woogie Juniors  SUI
19  69802  SKARIN Jonas – JOHANSSON Johanna  Boogie Woogie Juniors  SWE
20  70927  SKARIN Martin – GULLBRANDSSON Ida  Boogie Woogie Juniors  SWE
21  70074  FILIPSSON Marcus – RAGNARSSON Alice  Boogie Woogie Juniors  SWE
22  69398  AGREN Oscar – ÄRLESKOG Sofia  Boogie Woogie Juniors  SWE
23  67060  AIGNER Andreas – KÖCK Elsa  Boogie Woogie Main Class  AUT
24  70547  SAURÉN Masi – TYUTYUNYUK Anna  Boogie Woogie Main Class  FIN
25  69262  PÄIVINEN Juho – MUNNE Mari  Boogie Woogie Main Class  FIN
26  70876  SINIGAGLIA Daniel – MAESTRE-MOLLA Pauline  Boogie Woogie Main Class  FRA
27  69647  LLAMAS Florent – VERON Roxane  Boogie Woogie Main Class  FRA
28  67595  CHANTON Ludovic – AUREL Stacy  Boogie Woogie Main Class  FRA
29  70246  KOESLING Sebastian – KOESLING Vivian  Boogie Woogie Main Class  GER
30  70872  PECHER Christoph – REIß Valerie  Boogie Woogie Main Class  GER
31  70816  PREUHS Elian – SOMMERKAMP Theresa  Boogie Woogie Main Class  GER
32  70773  KURTZ Sebastian – STEEB Nicole  Boogie Woogie Main Class  GER
33  68994  HIEN Johannes – ENGEL Kerstin  Boogie Woogie Main Class  GER
34  70582  CORSI Simone – CORNELLI Giulia  Boogie Woogie Main Class  ITA
35  69117  KOCHKOV Aleksei – SOLOVEVA Anna  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
36  68663  KHITRUK Nikolay – KHAVTORINA Evgenia  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
37  69596  GAVRILOV Alexey – GAVRILOVA Svetlana  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
38  70892  MATVEEV Anton – GROMOVA Ekaterina  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
39  70781  TUKHTAEV Roman – LITVINOVA Elena  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
40  70300  GERASIMOV Roman – GOLTS Anastasiia  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
41  71094  SEMENOV Kirill – AFANASYEVA Vera  Boogie Woogie Main Class  RUS
42  70085  FROEHLICH Nathan – DAFFLON Louise  Boogie Woogie Main Class  SUI
43  70437  GAGLIARDO Samuel – GILLIERON Juliette  Boogie Woogie Main Class  SUI
44  71095  CREMONESE Gianni – VOIRON Alexia  Boogie Woogie Main Class  SUI
45  71153  IRCHISHYN Oleg – CHERNYSHOVA Natalia  Boogie Woogie Main Class  UKR
46  69923  TURCIK Peter – TOTH Sonja  Boogie Woogie Senior  AUT
47  71148  WEISZ Helmut – WEISZ Claudia  Boogie Woogie Senior  AUT
48  68422  DUNAR Earl – PASCHEK Elisabeth  Boogie Woogie Senior  AUT
49  70457  HUHTINEN Timo – HIRVELÄ Pirkko  Boogie Woogie Senior  FIN
50  71152  LILJA Ari – LILJA Soile  Boogie Woogie Senior  FIN
51  69272  DUPAS Raphaël – NOGRABAT Laurence  Boogie Woogie Senior  FRA
52  69266  KOUDACHE Karim – BARES Laurie  Boogie Woogie Senior  FRA
53  68690  SCHÜTZ Peter – NIEDERMAYER Karin  Boogie Woogie Senior  GER
54  68993  RISSMANN Marco – RISSMANN Sabine  Boogie Woogie Senior  GER
55  65024  BURGEMEISTER Jörg – BURGEMEISTER Gisela  Boogie Woogie Senior  GER
56  70061  MADER Ralf – DALLER Karin  Boogie Woogie Senior  GER
57  67947  ADLER Thomas – ADLER Dagmar  Boogie Woogie Senior  GER
58  68027  BURBASSI Gianluca – AGATI Patrizia  Boogie Woogie Senior  ITA
59  68145  FOMENKO Victor – KASTRASHVILI Elena  Boogie Woogie Senior  RUS
60  69425  RUBINOV Sergei – RUBINOVA Irina  Boogie Woogie Senior  RUS
61  67708  EICHHORN Stephan – VERSTEEGEN Cornelia  Boogie Woogie Senior  SUI
62  66565  HASENFRATZ Roland – HASENFRATZ Susanne  Boogie Woogie Senior  SUI
63  70651  ŽATKO Miroslav – PODMANICKA Michaela  Boogie Woogie Senior  SVK
64  67177  CITRON Christer – CITRON Marie  Boogie Woogie Senior  SWE
65  66563  BERGSTRÖM Claes – BERGSTRÖM Ann-Catrin  Boogie Woogie Senior  SWE
66  70493  BRUNNSTRÖM Lars – BRUNNSTRÖM Helen  Boogie Woogie Senior  SWE
67  70492  SUNDIN Roger – SUNDIN Kristina  Boogie Woogie Senior  SWE
68  70696  FEICHTINGER Matthias – STURM Anna  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  AUT
69  71081  KOUPIL Vojtěch – MASKOVA Viktorie  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  CZE
70  69949  DIVOKÝ Marek – RICHTROVÁ Lenka  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  CZE
71  70024  GARTMEIER Christian – GENTNER Anja  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  GER
72  69943  BLUDAU Tobias – UHL Michelle  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  GER
73  70282  LEHR Christian – GOTTSCHALL Vanessa  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  GER
74  65521  YOUDIN Ivan – SBITNEVA Olga  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  RUS
75  69971  KUDRYASHOV Ivan – CHARKOVSKAYA Margarita  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  RUS
76  69594  ERSHOV Mikhail – ZINCHENKO Maria  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  RUS
77  70698  SAMOYLOV Konstantin – GUSAROVA Anastasia  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  RUS
78  70758  PARFENOV Evgeny – KULINICHUK Yana  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  RUS
79  69104  BELLUZZO Romain – PROBST Viviane  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SUI
80  69626  DOMEDI Sandro – IRPINIO Melissa  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SUI
81  70102  KURAN-PELLEGATTA Nicolas – KURAN-PELLEGATTA Noëmi  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SUI
82  70660  ALLEMANN Flavien – DUBAIL Emilie  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SUI
83  71141  NIETLISPACH Kevin – NIETLISPACH Viviane  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SUI
84  71045  JOVLIDEN Robin – KEDNER Moa  Rock ’n’ Roll Main Class Free Style  SWE