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Semba and Kizomba

Semba is an Angolan partner dance which the popular kizomba originates from and is a part of. This rhythmical, closely embraced dance has variations from a calm and swinging, foxlike “walking” to an energetic and acrobatic show dance. Unlike most other couple dances, semba doesn’t have one basic step that carries the dancer through the song, but allows the dancers almost endless possibilities in creating the dance according to the music, moving almost as one. Therefore, leading and following skills are essential!

Semba is taking Finland by a storm, from the north to the south – try the classes on Saturday and you’ll understand why!



Kizomba Room with Omar and Johanna


We are happy to tell you I Dance Helsinki has the great honor to open the doors to the amazing world of kizomba at Let’s Dance Helsinki festival!

At the event I Dance Helsinki organizes kizomba classes for both beginners and open level. We also bring the rich and soft rhythms of kizomba for you to dance to at the evening parties in our own Kizomba room!

In the guidance of Omar Bakr & Johanna Sallinen you get to try kizomba even without previous dance experience! They also provide classes for more experienced kizomba dancers.
Kizomba music, the softness in the body movement, and the sensitivity within the leading & following made Omar & Johanna fell in love with kizomba, and we strongly believe you will get addicted too!

Kizomba is spreading in the world like a wildfire, and for a reason!


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