Dozens of dance styles

Let’s dance Helsinki introduces dozens of different dance styles and provides a unique opportunity to learn the right moves under the guidance of top dance instructors. In addition to traditional ballroom and Latin dances, you can try blues and jazz dance, rock ‘n’ roll, west coast swing, carnival samba, vintage dances, folk dances, guided senior dancing, wheelchair dancing, pole dancing and twerking among others. The ProAm section is an opportunity to experiment how it feels to dance with a professional dance partner.

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Jazz&Blues Corner

Jazz and blues music lovers have an own restaurant

Rock and swing

Organised by Rock'n'Roll Dance Club Comets

From salsa to reggaeton

Dance school Baila Baila brings the latin american styles to the event

Carnival samba

Passion and joy for living in the spirit of Carnival

West Coast Swing

Workshops, level check party and show on Friday and Saturday

Ballroom dance

A traditional Finnish ballroom dance session where you can learn the basic step

Pole Dance

Helsinki Showcase competition organised by Pole Sports Finland

Folk dance

Try tradional finnish folk dance with a modern twist

Senior dance

International senior dance moves you and makes you happier


An opportunity to experiment how it feels to dance with a professional dance partner.

Twerking and Dancehall

Best parties are organised by JaMam's Cats

Argentine tango

Learn the steps at dance lessons

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Popping and Locking

Meet the pioneer of street Dance: Mr Wiggles

Wheel chair dancing

Wheelchair dancing continues to grow in popularity around the world.


Lessons and shows hall 3. You can also see capoeira at Carnival Street

Step and Irishdance

Eventful show by Dance center Footlight

Acrobatic Rock'n'roll

Never a dull moment with Rocking Flames


One of the dance styles performing at the carnival street

Contemporary dance

Several workshops and dance theatre samples


Dance like a star

Street Dance

Don't miss the exciting street dance battles

Boogie woogie

Finnish top couples will give great performances

Semba and Kizomba

Dances originating in Angola

Oriental dancing

Find your own style