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Robert ”Rob One” Wägar

Robert ”Rob One” Wägar is a Swedish pioneer in HipHop and is one of Sweden’s most respected teachers and dancers of all time. During his long career that extends for 25 years, he has taught at Sweden’s most prominent schools like University College of Dance, House Of Shapes, Dance Center Stockholm, Ballet Academy and at Åsafolkhögskolans One-style and 5-style educations. Robert has studied for USA’s pioneers and has received the ”Original Style Locking Master student in 2007” and ”Master locker award 2015” He has choreographed for television, Melodifestivalen, and other programs, artists such as Wy-Clef, Navigators, Hoeace Brown, Basic Element etc. Robert is the educator behind some of the world’s most prominent Swedish dancers today. Roberts been judging around sweden and europe for the past 15 years. Competitions like JD Paris pre-Final qualifiers extra judge 2014, Uk Bboy Preselections, Sdk preselections, GetUp2GetDown, Fdo, Sdr, Hoodsfred, Baltic session, GBG city Jam amongst many other battles.


Rob One workshopit Tanssi Vieköön -festivaalilla lauantaina 25.8.



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